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Ironic welcome


Why is my daily pageview count today six times larger than it’s ever been?

Because yesterday I had the pleasure of of having lunch with Tyler Cowen during his visit to Cornell’s Behavioral Economics and Decision Research center. It turns out he was kind enough to link to my blog from Marginal Revolution. Welcome new visitors!

Why the ironic welcome? Because it was a post discouraging adding new things to your RSS feed reader. Kind of self-defeating on my part, perhaps, but I hope you’ll stay.



  1. XiXiDu says:

    I was quite amused by your dozen tabs. I’ve lost all hope to ever reach such a low tab count. Most of the time I have 3 browsers times 30+ tabs running. And that’s just what I hope to be reading at some point, which is maybe 1% of what I would like to read.

  2. How did I learn about your blog through Tyler Cowen’s blog when you have dinner at my house?

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