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Super Mario Lego Mosaics


Since I have an attic now, a recent visit to my parents was also an occasion to get my junk out of their house and into mine. Some of that junk was my large box of Legos, acquired from the mid-80’s to the mid-90’s (ok, and one set my wife got me as a present not that many years ago).

I don’t have time to rebuild things like the Caribbean Clipper (6274), King’s Mountain Fortress (6081) or Forestmen’s Crossing (6071) — though I still have all the pieces and instructions — and I always preferred the bricks to the minifigs and other specialty pieces.

Enter Super Mario Bros. I never had an NES, so I never got particularly good at it, but now it’s on Wii Virtual Console, and I’m about as good as I ever have been. Last year I made a few papercraft characters from SMB, but the next step was of course to enshrine them in Lego. Thus, my Saturday:

They’re easy to make, pixel-for-pixel. There are loads of SMB screenshots on the web. Just grab one, open it in Photoshop, crop to just the sprite (character image) you want, and zoom in. Now you can see each pixel. The goomba and mushroom fit in a 16x16px square. The Mario and koopa troopa are just as wide, but are taller. For reference, a 1×1 lego brick is 8mm square, but 9.6mm tall.

Now that I’ve done them in paper and in Lego, I eventually want to do a 20-foot mural of the whole of Level 1-1.


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