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Pop Culture Change-a-word game!


It’s time to play a game.  A pop-culture word game!

Chris Rock.
30 Rock.
30 Days.
Happy Days.
Happy Gilmore.
Gilmore Girls.
Golden Girls.
… and so on.

I can think of two ways to play:
1. Pick one name to start with, and see how long a chain you can make before you get stumped.  Take turns with a partner.
2. Pick two completely different names, and see if you can find a chain that links them.

House rules apply, of course, but here are some I like:
1. All names must be either a film, TV show or song title, or an actor/actress/musician/band name.
2. All items must be two words long, except for articles and prepositions, but exactly 2 words must remain; it’s really “The Golden Girls,” after all.  So you could go from “The Pink Panther” to “Pretty in Pink”, for example.
3. Searching IMDB/Wikipedia is right out (except for challenging an opponent’s answer).

Good for car trips or, if you’re like me, when you’re home on a Friday night.


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